Carnival at Lincoln Park (with update on 7/9)!

I’ve had quite a few people ask me about the carnival that’s set up in Lincoln Park. There’s very little info available online, so I went over to check it out. I went today, the 4th of July, in the middle of the afternoon. Thought it would be packed given the holiday, but it was pretty sleepy.

Here’s some details: it’s open from now til July 9th [update: see below]. It’s $3 to get in; rides are extra. You pay for rides by buying tickets and each ride is a different number of tickets (standard carnival stuff); for two adults to get on the Ferris wheel, it was $10 total. The rides seemed well-maintained and the grounds were very clean. Some of the game stands had “kids always win” signs – can’t say I really looked into that, though. It’s VERY small – just a few rides and games. But for the size it was, it was really nice.

The pictures are better than any text I can write:

Tiny carousel
This ride looked like the most popular and really fun…. if I wasn’t so chicken.
Round Up aka gravatron
Tiny rollercoaster.
IMG_8176 (1).jpg
Carny guy giving me serious stink-eye.
Excellent carnival food (I was very sad that they were not yet serving curly fries when I visited.)
More fair food.
Yet more fair food. They featured both fried oreos AND fried twinkies.

Jeff actually managed to get my into the Ferris wheel, which is some small miracle because I am completely terrified of all rides. All rides. When you see the size of this wheel, you’ll understand how crazy it was that I was scared. But the wheel was pretty cute and I didn’t cry.

Going up.



The view of Lincoln Park from the top. Yes, the guy running the ride stopped us up there (we were the only ones on the wheel.

UPDATE – JULY 9: Well, even though the carnival was slated to run til the end of the day, it suddenly and extremely quickly packed up and moved out last night. This morning, there was nothing left but the french fry stand; by now, I’m sure that’s gone too.

Ok, that sucks. I know a few people who were planning on coming out on the last day and bringing their kids, and now there’s suddenly no carnival. It’s seriously not cool. But also, not much we can do about it at this point. Sorry, everyone!