Election day

Hey, tomorrow is the primary election in the state of NJ. Or as a friend of mine recently said on Twitter:


Yeah, if the last few months of the Trump admin have you all fired up and ready to go march to the voting booth for change, you’re gonna be disappointed. Most of the people running on Tuesday are running unopposed; chances are your ballot will look much like the one above.

You do, however, get to vote for your choice for governor. On the Democratic side, all signs are pointing to Phil Murphy running away with this thing, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If you’re still deciding, here’s some articles to help:




That last one has a link on the bottom to another article which has all sorts of cute graphics featuring pics of the candidates, and questions like “taylor ham, or pork roll?” and “what’s your favorite Springsteen song?” all of which leave me more or less hating democracy. You know, we have a state here with a serious transportation and infrastructure problem, soaring property taxes, and a mounting opioid crisis… but by all means, ask the future leader of our state which name they like to call their sandwiches. Gah.

Some parts of our area have a choice for Assembly. I couldn’t find much written about this race (which actually seems quite interesting and contentious, as a major union endorsed one candidate and then rescinded it, which never ever happens. But alas, I don’t get to vote in it), but this at least explains a little about the union flap:


In a few areas of JC, the position of County Committee Member is being challenged by someone, which lead to a friend asking me the very reasonable question “What is a County Committee Member and what do they do?” And sadly enough, even though my own mother was one of these for Essex county many years ago (she grudgingly allowed her name to be put on the ballot after a friend of hers begged her to), I realized I couldn’t answer the question. Here’s a link to a pretty good answer, albeit one on the Manhattan Young Democrat’s website, because I couldn’t find one on a JC/Hudson County site that answered it well:


In case you’re wondering who I’ll be voting for, I’m planning on choosing Jim Johnson for governor. I appreciate the campaign he’s run, and I like his focus on ethics. I’ll also vote against the HCDO every chance I get (not many chances, btw) because, well, someone has to. And, that’s it. Then, on to November.