Duncan Ave cleanup

The Junkyard Dogs – the St. Peter’s University group that does service in the community around litter cleanup – came through on Saturday and they did not disappoint!! They did an absolutely fantastic job. 18222011_10155395533738919_5005891567304585970_n18274927_10155395533708919_4158491402346883459_n18275147_10155395533673919_9075195281666582018_n

A crew of about 14 students and one instructor showed up with shovels and bags and garbage pickers. They scoured Duncan Ave, even cleaning up a vacant lot and the surrounding bits of the gas station. People on the block came out to say thank you and bring them sodas – it was really wonderful.

My friend Jodi and I were there to help them – but they definitely didn’t need our assistance (seriously, the kids did all the work). While we were waiting for them to show up, Councilman Chris Gadsden drove by and made the mistake of waving to us, so of course we pulled in him and made him get to work too! He was a great sport and spent an impromptu hour and a half walking around with us, helping to clean.

THANK YOU so much to St. Peter’s and the Junkyard Dogs!! You really made a difference and we appreciate you!