Neighborhood cleanup

Yesterday was the second annual Keep Jersey City Beautiful neighborhood cleanup. We got a great turnout in Ward B, and it was a surprisingly fun morning. I was very impressed by how well-organized the whole operation was, with shuttle busses dropping off volunteers to clean up areas just outside of reach. Here’s some pics:


It really was great. And those streets got clean.

Unfortunately, by nightfall, bad habits came back. By this morning, Facebook was exploding with people talking about litter again. I took this picture:


It definitely wasn’t as bad as it’s been at times, but also it wasn’t good. And of course, after all that effort less than 24 hours earlier, it was hard to take in. A DPW worker was out cleaning it up, and a friend and I pitched in to help him a bit.

This isn’t going to get better overnight. But the amazing turnout yesterday shows that this community wants to have clean streets and we want to do better. We’ll get this right. This is a winnable battle, and we will win it.