Lincoln Park West walking trail

It was gorgeous out today, so I played hooky for a bit and headed out to Lincoln Park west – way west, out in the part that runs along the golf course.


This is past the dog park, over the little bridge that in the summer has people fishing (please don’t do that, or at least, don’t eat the fish you catch – the Hackensack River isn’t entirely healthy; it’s fine where the park is, but those fish move around a whole lot so you don’t know where they’ve been), and onto a trail with a sign warning you to look out for flying golf balls (this is of course impossible, because how are you supposed to see them before they hit you?).

I’m under the impression that a lot of people still don’t realize that this part of Lincoln Park is even open to the public. It’s pretty rare to run into anyone over here. Off in the distance, you can see golfers, but it’s otherwise really quiet. As you walk along the path, wildlife scampers away  – a whole variety of birds, gophers, and rabbits live in this area – frightened, but often not so scared you can’t at least catch a peak at them.

It’s quiet – almost unsettlingly quiet. I took a video to show you how quiet it is. It’s a terrible video and I turn around too quickly so hope it doesn’t make you nauseous. But here it is:


You entire by a tiny waterfall:


And then very soon thereafter, you’re surrounded by a field of beautiful golden grass. It looks like what I imagine wheat to look like, given that I don’t know what a wheatfield actually looks like and I’ve never been to one. Look, I don’t know what it is, but it’s just wild and free, and it’s a home to lots of little critters and looks amazing with that golden color just contrasting against the bright, blue sky.


Of course, this part of the park is planned and cared for – there’s a very definite path that you stay on, and your course throughout it is determined by that planned path – but it doesn’t feel that way. It just feels very free and open. And quiet. That’s the very best part.

(There’s a second route even more tucked away and isolated, but my dog got too tired and we had to head home. For another day.)

Lastly, my pic could be better, but I am convinced that this is the very best tree in Lincoln Park:


But I’ll have to follow up further to be absolutely sure.