Some maps of Jersey City

I’ve been collecting some maps about Jersey City and thought I’d put them together in one post. Back to our regular schedule of events and interviews in a bit, but I thought this might be helpful to have out there in one place.

This map shows you the breakdown of JC by ward, and contains demographics info for each area. Note that it’s a little outdated (Ward B’s Councilperson is still listed as Chico Ramchal when in fact it’s now Chris Gadsden), but it’s a good place to start:

This is a map of all shootings in Jersey City in 2016. It’s a work in progress (almost done), being put together by Jersey Journal reporter Caitlin Mota. Note that in Mota’s methodology, she is counting each individual shooting, not each “incident”:

Here are two maps by the great group NJ Together. This first one shows a breakdown of the city by income. The areas shaded dark read are the highest earning neighborhoods of JC; those colored yellow are the lowest.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.35.09 AM.png


From that same group, this map shows the assessment ratio for JC. The red/orange areas are where property is over-assessed (and property owners are likely paying more than their fair share in taxes) and the ares in green are under-assessed (and their taxes have been held at an artificial low).

(After posting this, I received a question from a reader asking about the methodology NJ Together used to compile this map. From their materials on their site:

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 2.39.22 PM

Link to the specific materials is here. Map is below. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.35.46 AM