Community meeting this Saturday

There’s going to be a meeting open to anyone interested this Saturday, concerning the development of a project on Duncan Avenue.


Located at 276 Duncan Avenue, the developers are looking to get a number of variances in order to build their 12 apartments, which will also have retail space. (Variances are exceptions to the usual rules for building – usually minor tweaks, but what’s minor to one person may not be so minor to another – so this is where community input is especially needed.)

Currently, the property looks like this:


My personal rule of thumb is that some kind of development is almost always better than just having an empty lot filled with garbage, but that’s a pretty fast-and-loose rule. It’s of course very important to make sure that the building that’s built there makes sense for the neighborhood and that it only improves conditions for the people already living nearby.

Anyway, come on out and see the plans and voice any concerns you might have. There will be other things also discussed at the meeting, but this is first on the agenda so you don’t have to stay the whole time if you don’t want. I’m told there will be free coffee!

Saturday, February 25th; 10:30 am

Gallo Center at Lincoln Park (free parking!)

The meeting is sponsored by WSCA (the West Side Community Alliance).