Jersey City knit chart

By now you may have seen the Jersey City hats I’ve been constantly shilling every chance I can get. If not, behold!


I made a bunch for our neighborhood craft fair and they were really popular so I made some more. And I’ve had a bunch of local knitters ask me where I got the chart from for the JERSEY CITY part. I made it, on graph paper, the old fashioned way that you make color knitting or Fair Isle charts – just by drawing it out and filling in the little squares.

To me, it’s a pretty easy and obvious chart. But I had so many people ask for a copy of it that I went on Stitchfiddle and made a real one nice enough to share.

This first one is perfect for hats – it’s the same one I used in the hat above. It’s only 5 stitches up and down, and 41 across. Working on size 5 needles, you could probably fit two repeats of it around if you’re making an adult-sized hat (obviously depends on your gauge and so forth, so these are just estimates):


If you want to print the chart out, just drag the image to your desktop and then open it there. You can resize it that way, too.

I also made this bigger one so that you could work your hometown into a sweater or larger garment. I’ve tried a version of this in hats, but it was a little big for my tastes. Maybe you can make it work:


Same as before, drag and drop to make it bigger or to print it. This one is ten stitches up and down, 60 across.

If you want to get really crazy, you can start doing stuff with fonts and multiple colors and so forth, but what I like about these two charts is that they’re easy to memorize and they’re good PATH train or evening knits.

And if you don’t knit at all and want a JC hat, hit me up!