Why is Jersey City trending?

…or maybe #whyisjerseycitytrending would be better?

When I woke up this morning and saw #jerseycity trending on Twitter, I have to admit that my heart stopped for a minute. Small cities that rarely make the national news usually only trend when there’s a mass shooting or horrific hate crime, so I couldn’t help but fear the worse for a split second there. My concerns were quickly assuaged as I flipped through tweet after tweet with #jerseycity in it, only to realize that really no one had any idea why it was trending. Like, at all.




Some were a little quick to credit how “cool” and “hip” we are:


Some had, erm, a different view:


Naturally, some tried to make a buck:


Mostly we were just confused:


And then finally, a theory that actually makes sense:


One thought on “Why is Jersey City trending?

  1. I’m trying to think of something witty and biting to say about the mayor’s yes-person trying to co-opt this, and I am failing, but rest assured the scorn and cynicism is there.


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