McGinley Square Pub is turning into Yappy Hour

McGinley Square Pub is where CivicParent and I go to talk about data and Jersey City. No really. By way of proof, I submit this random picture of a laptop with property tax data on it, with CP’s finger pointing to something:


Right? It’s not a terrible use of a Thursday evening by any means. Sometimes we wind up taking the data and making maps and charts out of it like this. We also drink.

But anyway, on this particular evening, the most amazing thing happened, which is basically that lots of people started showing up with dogs. So many dogs! Ok, there were like three of them. But it was still pretty terrific. It made me think of Yappy Hour in Asbury Park, only with like three dogs and we were all inside and mostly the dogs were ignoring each other. But I still got to pet them so it’s cool.

Here’s a pic of me drunkface with a completely terrified little dog:


Anyway. More dogs, more booze, more data in 2017. Please.