Little Free Library

This appeared on Highland Ave between JFK and West Side and I am thrilled! It’s a Little Free Library – take a book, leave a book, any time, day or night. (Although could someone please give the guestbook back? You were just supposed to write your name in that… it’s the only book not up for grabs.)

Apparently, this tiny library was designed and is currently maintained by a proud member of a local Girl Scout troop, and she won a Bronze medal (? I don’t really understand the inner workings of the Girl Scouts, but it sounds very impressive to me) for her project.

So, yay! And in more yay – I posted about the Library on social media and immediately heard from some people in the neighborhood who are inspired and excited about the idea of making their own Little Libraries! Woo!

So, yeah. Super cool. Thank you, Miss Girl Scout!